From Darkness Into Light

From Darkness Into Light

Angry and sad, but she couldn’t be mad,

She wasn’t allowed to be that bad.

Too much risk when you are real,

Too much pain to ever feel.

True feelings buried and stuffed deep,

Begin to push up from their sleep.

The war within has begun,

To stop those feelings from when young.

Anger, hurt, fear and panic,

God where are you? This feels Satanic!

Accepting truth breaks up the fight,

Accept those feelings stuffed with might.

They are yours and have a purpose,

Trauma buried, needs to surface.

Out of darkness and into light,

Where God can help you with their sight.

Buried feelings will not die,

they live and grow with every lie.

Religious structures grow so strong,

to cover-up what feels wrong.

Masks and pretense rule the day,

Don’t let the inside have their say.

God wants truth way down deep,

He will heal those lies you wish to keep.

let down your wall that grows so thick,

Let God dismantle it brick by brick.

Free those feelings locked away,

who feel the torment night and day.

Accept yourself deep inside,

the little girl you tried to hide.

Release her from her lonely plight,

Bring her out into the light.

By Barbara Lepson 2016

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