Walking with God.

Walking with God.

My body lay still, as cold as the day.

I’d left and gone but it hadn’t been long.

Holy spirit said softly, “You can wait here with me,

but you’ll need to go back as soon you’ll see.”

I looked at my body so separate from me

my body was vacant, that was easy to see.

Can’t I stay here with you and let my days be quite few?

“I have plans for you to finish, purpose and such

You’ll need your body to help you with much.

I’ll help it to mend and soon you will see

your life and the plans I purposed to be.”

He looked in my eyes, it’s time to go.

To regain your body even though

it’s cold and broken, abandoned and sad,

I will breathe new life into it, and it will be glad.

We will move on together you, your body and I,

to love and live life and not let it pass by.

Live life with passion embrace all it will give

take risks and go out there, will you trust Me to live?

Choose wisely my child, don’t waste what you’ve got

Satan will steal life back, if you are passive a lot.

Determine your path and walk on it strong

I will join you there as you go along.

Together we’ll make such a good team

the path won’t be crooked like the path you’ve seen,

you’ll no longer stumble and struggle to stand

I will strengthen and hold you with my strong right hand.

My yoke is easy and my burden light,

don’t load yourself up with what’s wrong in my sight.

Walk closely with me and I’ll help you you’ll see

I will make life abundant when you walk with me.

Barbara Lepson 2016.







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