I arrived.

I arrived.

I don’t know when it happened, I just realized I was here.

The place I had lost sight of and felt was never near.

A place of contentment and wellbeing inside.

A place that myself could rest and abide.

The journey not easy, not like I thought it would be.

Steep mountain climbs to the truth,

made me question all that was me.

I doubted God’s motives and wanted to hide

from the past that loomed up and engulfed like high tide.

Thoughts ingrained in my mind, that had held me down hard,

kept me from living and I had lived like a shard.

I chose to keep on to not give up hope

to look to the future  and not hang on a rope.

The days of despair, depression and pain

that beat my bent soul like lashing hard rain.

The days when it seemed it would never arrive

I despaired of my ability to stay alive.

Those days would pass and I would keep on

choosing to heal from that sad song.

My soul slowly awoke to His love and to Life

I chose to believe I could live in His sight,

and that I wasn’t too broken, too mired with fright.

The risk was well worth it, though the journey was hard

I am happy I no longer live like a shard.

Barbara Lepson. 1/6/2017.



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