Far Away

Far Away

God, you seem so far away, why won’t you help me keep fear at bay?

I’ve asked for help to find my way. Why can I not hear you say,

“I see you child with your feet of clay.”

I cover myself as best I can, and hold it all back behind the dam.

God, where are you? Where did you go? I feel you left me here even though,

I pushed you away and with hurt and anger, I had my say.

Now, I think I’m all alone, with a heart that feels made of stone.

I ask you, God, into my heart, to break up that stone that made us part.

You are God and you are love, I questioned your motives and killed the Dove.

Now I fear you’ve turned your back, I’ve been too angry at your lack.

I turn around to face your love, with fear and trembling invite the Dove

Into my fear, into my pain into the place I want slain.

Accept me God, with all my stuff. Accept me God, with all your love.

by Barbara Lepson.

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